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The Billionaire’s Funding

I, Sadie Precillo, have been dealt a grievous injustice.

LaviTech Labs is the WORST. The handsome CEO, Cassius Lavinius—INSUFFERABLE!!! 

Why is that, exactly? Oh, just because of the third-two projects submitted for funding mine was the ONLYone to be denied.

That’s right—DENIED!
Heart Pill – FUNDED!
Anxiety Pill – FUNDED!
Vitamin Pill – FUNDED!
Fart Pill – FUNDED! (Yes, you read that correctly!)
Female Pleasure Pill – DENIED! 

How cruel is that? I mean, how many boner pills do we have on the market? Can I even count them on one hand?

Well, Mr. Lavinius, I hope you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. I don’t care how handsome and rich you are or how tall your tower is or how much security you have—I’m coming for you!

And you better believe I’m not going to stop until I get that FUNDING!

The Billionaire’s Funding is a standalone romantic comedy that fits into the bigger Beguiling a Billionaire world! If you LOVE to laugh! If you CRAVE a sexy SIZZLE! And if you HATE cliffhangers—this book is for you!

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The Billionaire’s Fixer Upper

When Fiona Fables comes home to an eviction notice on her door, the last thing she expects is to be housed in a condemned suite by Zev, the SUPER HOT maintenance guy. After all, she just completed her law degree. Well, that’s not the only unexpected turn her life is about to take. 

What the heck just happened to my life? One minute, I’m about to graduate from law school, apply for internships, and make something of myself, the next—I’m living in a leaky suite, working for a maintenance man, with ZERO job prospects in my field. 

But this isn’t just any maintenance man. Not ever close! He has a hard-body, a wolfish grin, and is a PERFECT 10, with movie star good looks! On top of looking like a modern-day GOD, he seems to have all the answers to my many problems. And boy would I like to get to know him a little better, as in a little less clothes and a LOT more heat.

But here’s the thing—I’VE BEEN FRIEND-ZONED!

Yeah, that’s right. Not only has he rejected ALL my advances—BUT HE’S INTRODUCING ME TO HIS LIFELONG FRIENDS! 

Is it because he might have shagged my bestie? Hmmmm…perhaps.(Note to self: research on the down-low)

Is it because he’s not inclined towards the fairer of the sexes? I doubt it. I’ve seen the way he looks at me.

Is it because he’s seeing that smokin’ hot SHE DEVIL who might as well go by the name of Satan? This is the most logical assumption, but he says otherwise.

So, this has to mean there’s no hope for us, right?

Well, there is one thing I haven’t tried. Nothing like a little good old-fashion crisis and apocalyptic level flooding to get those sexy juices flowing.

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The Billionaire’s Board

When Remi Stone is promoted to director at Icor Tech by the INSANELY HOT, chiseled, PERFECT 10 CEO, the last thing she expected was for chaos to ensue. Boy—she should have been more prepared.

No one would ever suspect that being 23.7 hours early for a meeting would ever lead to a series of life-changing events that would see me influencing the course of a billion-dollar corporation—but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s go back to the day AFTER my time-anxiety induced early bird mishap.
You see, I went into Icor Tech’s boardroom to present at the quarterly ‘Innovation Meeting,’ completely unprepared for all the enemies I was about to make. The board itself—and all the directors!

But that’s exactly what happened when the handsome, aloof, BILLIONAIRE, CEO, Gabriel Icor himself, promoted me to director at 23 with NO FLIPPING WARNING!

Now, I have a bunch of seasoned board members thinking I’m an ‘upstart’ mouse. A bunch of employees angry their careers plateaued well before mine. And two insanely hot, crazy-successful, competitive, and ever charming businessmen courting me. 

Oh, and get this—I’ve never so much as been on a date before. 
What’s a girl to do? Well, I’ll tell you one thing that’s never advisable…
Accidentally blurting out you’re not wearing panties.

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