What the HECK just happened?

Romance & Quarantine

By Lark AndersonApril 20, 2020 Hello Friends! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve just been so busy with projects and clients that I haven’t had the time. But suddenly, with the covid-19 crisis, my schedule has cleared. Hooray??? I hope everyone is doing well and remaining safe during this difficult time. … Continue reading Romance & Quarantine

Don’t F**k With Cats

By Lark AndersonFebruary 11, 2020 True Crime Docuseries CAUTION: SPOILERS EVERYWHERE Don’t F**k With Cats(DFWC) came on my radar after watching an episode of Command Zone on YouTube(it was their recommendation). I don’t think I would have considered watching it otherwise, but it was worth the time. DFWC is a true crime docuseries showing internet … Continue reading Don’t F**k With Cats

Happy 2020!!!

By Lark AndersonJanuary 6, 2020 Hello, everyone! I’m here! I’m alive! I know I haven’t been posting or blogging much, and I hope to change that soon. I just got caught up in a busy season with a LOT of work. The last couple of months, I’ve been revising my sitcom for producers in addition … Continue reading Happy 2020!!!

Watchmen Theory

By Lark AndersonDecember 20, 2019 Dystopian, Action, Drama CAUTION: SPOILERS EVERYWHERE THEORY: Dr. Manhattan was never about love when he took on the job of domestic god—it just so happened to go in that direction. Let me explain. It’s about a week after the Watchmen television series created by Damon Lindelof and based on work … Continue reading Watchmen Theory

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