The Bad Girl Pre-Release

By: Lark Anderson

The Bad Girl!

When Good Girl Nadine Winters finds herself given a second chance with a sexy bad boy from her past, she seeks help from her boss, the brazen Maxwell Stryder, to shed her innocent persona and adopt a sexy and dangerous new look.

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My fourth contemporary romance novel, The Bad Girl, releases 6/27, and let me tell you—I want to cry! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my other novels, but I feel like I have such a strong bond with the protagonist in this one. Nadine is a ‘good girl’ who does the right thing, and makes good choices. She’s safe and secure and is basically the wheat bread of the carb family.

And let me tell you. A LOT of people think I’m some kind of badass, and it’s like, “Honey, no. I go to bed at around 9:30 each night. I have to be wary of spicy food because of my digestion. I drive the speed limit.”

So, Nadine was a very comfortable character for me to write. Completely relatable in every way. And able to step outside of herself for what she wants.

Which is where I fail. I see things I want, but I don’t take risks. Say I was single, and with no other qualifiers, there were two men in front of me. A sexy 30-year-old with a six-pack and a decent job and a 40-year-old with a dad bod and a good job—I take the dad bod every time. For one, I like to rest my head on it. But also, men grow, I truly believe with age comes wisdom. I think the 40-year-old might appreciate the qualities that I have. That I’m a fantastic cook, that I am considerate of time, and that I’m thrifty. I could be wrong, but dad bods feel safe and comfortable to me. Besides, a muscular, fit man is never going to eat my food. I’ll be wasted on them.

Well, Nadine took the risk I’ll never take. She moved outside of her comfort zone to achieve her goals. There are so many times I’ve dreamed of this myself, and so few times I’ve followed through and taken the leap. The most notable was when I published my first novel, The Billionaire’s Board. I was scared. Anxious. So many fearful emotions. But I did it! And then I it again. And again. And now I’m here, book four about to release, and book five DONE!

To all the women that read The Bad Girl and fall in love with Nadine—I hope you take your risk.

Yours in Adventure,


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