Savage in the Sheets

This is a book written from the heart! Savage in the Sheets is about Jenna Savage, a work oriented woman that needs to be taught to chill out and cut loose every once in a while, and her best friend who is oh-so happy to assist her.

Did you know that I’m obsessed with work? Oh my gosh—I haven’t told you.

Hello, 👋 …my name is Lark, and I’m obsessed with data, statistics, and everything nerdy. I THROW myself into whatever it is I’m doing, and it’s hard to distract me once I’m in my groove. Just ask my starving children.

Kidding! I joke too.

If you haven’t notices…most of my main characters’ careers take a center focus in my story. I’ve made them program managers, attorneys, scientists, journalist, and their work is usually a MAJOR plot point. Why do I do this? Because it’s the most REALISTIC part of my story. I really don’t run into that many hot billionaires, but I have run into SOOOooooo many workplace issues, and I think that resonates with my audience. I’ve actually received mail from readers telling me that a work plot point ‘triggered’ them because they’re dealing with a similar issue in their everyday life(SORRY!) They ended up LOVING it though, because it made the main character more relatable.

Anyway, Savage in the Sheets is a WILD ride that promises a Happily Ever After with NO cliffhangers…which I know you ladies like.

Savage is available for pre-order now on Amazon, but it will also be available for purchase on KOBO.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.

Yours in Adventure,


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